Coastal Treasures

Bring ‘The Maharaja’ home. Gourmet Fine Dining at your personal convenience, whether at home or a celebration in office. Entertain in style like true Royals.


Fish Cutlets 40.00 for 12 pcs

Potato Chops Chicken 40.00 for 12 pcs

Vegetable Pattice 38.00 for 12 pcs

Beef Croquettes 40.00 for 12 pcs .

Chicken Cutlets 45.00 for 12 pcs

Chicken Fry ( Whole chicken cut into 12 pcs ) 40.00

Fried King Fish Steak 12.00 per pc
Minimum order of 12 pcs of fish

Main Course

( Each Tray serves Approx 15 guest on sharing basis with 3-4 other items, Tray size 12″ x 10″ x 2″ )


Signature Roast Beef 6lb raw wt. ( Served with Roast Potatoes and Gravy ) 150.00
An all time goan favourite, select cut of beef marinated in ginger, garlic pastes along with spices for 72 hours and slow cooked.

Beef Vindaloo Boneless 65.00
Beef cooked in vinegar, sugar, ginger, spices and red chilli pepper pastes.

Beef Sukka boneless with coconut and curry leaves 65.00
A unique south indian speciality with Indian spices and herbs, garnished with curry leaves served dry.

Special Kheema with peas 65.00
Minced meat cooked traditionally with spices, ginger and garlic and combined with peas, garnished with fresh ginger jullienes coriander and sliced green chillies.


Chicken Sukka with bone 60.00
A unique south indian speciality with indian spices and herbs, garnished with curry leaves served dry.

Chicken Xacuti with bone 60.00
Chicken cooked in a variety of spices, including white poppy seeds, grated coconut and large dried red chillies.

Chicken Cafreal with bone 60.00
Chicken marinated in a famous Goan spice blend and cooked to perfection.

Chicken Coconut Curry with bone 60.00
Chicken curry prepared with fresh grated coconut, spice blend and garnished with curry leaves.


Goan Prawn Curry 65.00
Shrimps delicacy made in a smooth blend of caramelized onions and coconut, tempered with curry leaves.

Goan Fish Curry 60.00
Fish cooked in coconut and tamarind curry sauce.

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All meats are Halal.           – Vegetarian Dishes           – Spiced for Flavour           – Spiced for Pleasure

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