8 Mar

Modern Dining: The Maharaja

Originally published on Modern Mississauga.

There’s a saying that goes “You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been.” In the case of The Maharaja, this clearly rings true as they’ve invested thousands of hours researching the storied history of authentic Indian food over several centuries and are now presenting them to  today’s modern world.
My take away from a conversation with one of the proud owners, Jehangir, was that it’s paramount to do something right, or not do it at all. There was/is absolute excitement in his eyes and words as we spoke of The Maharaja, one of the newest restaurants on the diverse food scene in Mississauga. Wanting to fill a gap in the marketplace, residents of Mississauga and surrounding areas now have the opportunity for a  truly unique dining experience.
Located in a burgeoning part of our city on Eglinton, between Hurontario and Mavis, owners Sheryl and her husband Jehangir along with his father have spent over a year planning and preparing and as of early February 2016, the doors have opened to excited and impressed diners.

Signature food & drink items

What The Maharaja has done is unique in Mississauga’s diverse dining scene.
They’ve divided the restaurant into three distinct dining rooms, each decorated differently and offering an atmosphere that pays homage to three different palaces in India.

  • The Hawa Mahal, also known as The Palace of Wind or Breeze, reflects the palace found in Jaipur. The atmosphere exuded is light, graceful and allows natural light in through many windows.
  • The Rang Mahal, The Palace of Colour, reflecting the palace in Agra Fort, is exactly what you’d expect: vivacious shades of colour that reflect the wide array of colors and cultures in India that are presented with a modern, stylish décor.
  • The Sheesh Mahal, The Palace of Mirrors, Also found in the Agra Fort, is elegantly decorated with intricate mirror work on the walls and the centre piece is a gorgeous, crystal chandelier.

With over 200 types of liqueur and nearly 30 different wines, the bar is its own unique space, framed by a single block – a hand cut and backlit piece of honeycomb onyx – imported from Pakistan.

We’ve covered where you can enjoy what’s on The Maharaja’s storybook menu. Now, let’s explore what you can indulge in.


There are four distinctive menus offered to patrons:

  1. Awadhi cuisine, which is native to Lucknow in northern India
  2. Hyderabadi cuisine, native to the south central region of India
  3. Punjabi cuisine, found in one of the northernmost parts of the Indian subcontinent (eastern Pakistan and northern India)
  4. Rajputana cuisine, found on the western side of India

With the wide variety of dishes available, chances are it’ll take at least a few visits to get a true sense of how diverse their menu really is.

From Amiri Shaan Lobster to Jahangiri Murgh Korma and Hyderabadi Sikandari Raan to Zenana Macchi, along with many traditional breads and desserts, they’ve culminated many centuries of flavours, complete with authentic imported spices to satisfy nearly any pallet.

Three word description (we gave them four)

Authentic Boutique Dining Experince

Seating capacity


Type of food

Delicious Indian subcontinental food in its most authentic form.

Chef’s bio

Chef Praveen has carefully studied his craft and strengthened his skills by spending over two decades at the ITC Maurya, New Delhi in the famous Dum Pukht and learning from recognized industry leaders, the Marriot in Toronto and until recently, was an instructor at Humber College.

Specials and events

There’s no specific “event” or “special” here. Rather, every dining experience can be classified as special and an event within itself.
Looking into spring/summer, there may be some further unique, seasonal offerings and it will align with their strategy of offering a memorable dining experience, regardless of the time of year.

What can customers expect?

The highest levels of hospitality and exquisite Indian cuisine in its most authentic form.


Wait, wait, wait…before you say “what do you mean they don’t offer that!” hear them out.
A major component of Indian food goes beyond the copious flavours. The presentation is equally important and by putting one of their dishes in a takeout container, that critical element is removed.
The Maharaja team want to give you a thorough dining experience that you simply can’t replicate sitting in front of your television.
From a coat check upon arrival to the traditional bowl of lemon water to clean your fingers after your meal and everything else in between, the best way to enjoy what they offer is to let them guide you through this incredible experience.

Price range

Mid to mid high

Name origin

The word “Maharaja” translates to “Great King,” which exudes strength, loyalty and pride. It’s unmistakable and represents a golden era in India’s rich history. Wanting to bring the flavours of old-world India to the modern world, the name “The Maharaja” simply makes sense.

Type of clientele

Anyone looking for an unique and memorable dining experience.